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What You Need to Know


How old must I be to get a piercing?

Opal Moon Body Adornments offers earlobe piercings to clients from the age of 4 years and up. Other types of piercings such as nose, lip, or cartilage are generally offered to clients age 13 and up. Clients under the age of 18 must have notarized parental consent as required by Florida state law- You can print out the form here. Nipple, genital and surface piercings will only be performed on clients who are 18 years or older. 

How much does it cost to get a piercing?

Piercing services and jewelry are priced seperately, because we have so many great options for your new piercing! You can check out our webstore here to see some possibilities. Your piercer will help you choose jewelry after examining your anatomy, since different placements may have particular healing needs.

Our piercing service prices are as follows: $35 for one piercing, $60 for a pair of piercings, and $25 each per additional piercing. Service prices do not include jewelry.

Can I bring my  own jewelry for my new piercing?

No. In order to ensure proper healing and minimize your risk of infection or  other complications, we cannot install jewelry that does not meet our safety and quality standards. For initial piercings, Opal Moon Body Adornments only uses internally threaded or threadless body jewelry manufactured in the USA from implant grade titanium meeting ASTM F136 or ASTM F1295, niobium, solid gold of minimum 14k, or borosilicate glass. 

For more information about suitable jewelry for new  piercings, check out this brochure from the APP!

How long do piercings take to heal?

That depends on the piercing, and on your body. For example, ear cartilage piercings can take between 6 and a year to heal depending on placement and other factors. Nose piercings take a minimum of 6 months for complete healing, bellybuttons between 4-9 months, and earlobes between 2-4 months. Feel free to call, email, or schedule a video chat for more personalized advice!

Can I go swimming with my new piercing?

We advise waiting until your piercing is healed before submerging it in water that other people or animals swim in- that means lakes, rivers, the ocean, pools and hot tubs. Your piercing is an open wound and water can have bacteria or chemicals in it that will harm your piercing.

How do I take care of my new piercing?

Check out our aftercare advice here!

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