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Tiffany Cox

Tiffany has been a professional body piercer since 2004 and has been evolving nonstop since then. She opened Sacred Body Adornments (now Opal Moon) in 2016 to offer superior piercing services and true professional made-in-the USA body jewelry in Hollwood. Tiffany participates in continuing education courses regularly, in addition to the state required certifications, so Opal Moon Body Adornments can fulfill its purpose: offering the best, safest, most gentle piercings possible. This includes regularly participating in courses and workshops about infection control, risk management, piercing techniques, gems and fine jewelry.

Yurgen van de Velde

My entry into the world of piercing began some 15 years ago, and I've been a professional piercer in Florida since 2019. I am proud to say that I am known as a personable, gentle and thorough piercer, a reputation I try to earn every day. To practice a craft in an industry that is evolving so dynamically in the present is simply thrilling; to be entrusted with the task of modifying another human being's physical
form is an honor. I 'm particularly fond of kids, first timers and the elderly, and have a huge soft spot in my heart for the nervous and scared. I am an admin and moderator of Professional Piercing Advice and Troubleshooting on Facebook, and I devour any educational material I can find related to piercing and piercing related topics.
When I'm not in the studio, I like to explore the world around me, play games, garden, sing, free dive and play drums. Useful baits include sushi, dark chocolate and dogs of any kind, however I am extremely allergic to country music and most spectator sports. I'm a prize asset on trivia night and I know more jokes than you do. I've been a massage therapist, restaurant drudge and karaoke host, sometimes all at once. I'm a left-of-the-dial kind of person who believes in promoting joy in all its forms and I fully support and defend everyone's right to be who they are, including me.

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Ava LaBeija

Ava LaBeija (she/her) is joining us as a guest from the Netherlands from 17 June til July 6! Ava is Egyptian-Dutch and fluent in Dutch and English. A body piercer since 2017 who has a life-long fascination with body modification in all its forms, Ava has pierced at luxury studios across Europe and attended professional conferences including BMXnet, APP and UKAPP. She is dedicated to staying at the forefront of piercing and jewelry knowledge, and specializes in styling seamless collections of piercing placements and fine jewelry for her clients. We're honored to welcome her to Hollywood and our clients are excited to wear her elegantly styled jewelry curations in safely performed, aesthetically pleasing piercings.



We carry only true professional quality body jewelry from the best in the business. We specialize in jewelry that's made in the US by trusted, skilled makers. Each piece of jewelry we install is unique and we know both who made it and its exact material composition- nothing here is mass produced on a faceless outsourced assembly line. Opal Moon Body Adornments carries a wide selection of handmade jewelry in gold featuring genuine gemstones like diamonds and rubies, and one of a kind designs featuring natural materials.

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