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Boulder Opal and Silver Crossover Ear Weights

Boulder Opal and Silver Crossover Ear Weights

These solid sterling crossover style earrings with boulder opal teardrops are the only one of their kind ever made by Oracle Body Jewelry. It's hard to do these pieces justice with still photos; the fire of the opal within its matrix stone is so subtle and captivating, we had to take a video to show it off. These weights are sure to be the showpiee of your collection!


Each weight is aproximately 12 grams, and will fit piercings 6g or larger. The secure solid silver crossover style hook means this jewelry will stay secure even in much larger piercings.

  • Return Policy

    Body jewelry is not returnable, to ensure safety and sanitation for all our clients and staff. If you're not sure of your size, contact us or schedule a video chat and we will help you make the best choice!

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