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Prong Set Gem Curved Barbell

Prong Set Gem Curved Barbell

Implant grade titanium curved barbells from Industrial Strength with Swarovski gems in a secure prong setting to show the gemstone from all angles. The fixed bottom gem in 6mm in diameter, and the internally threaded top gem is 4mm. These pieces of fine jewelry are very secure when installed in your piercing, and the gems are guaranteed never to fall out of the setting, break or discolor- they will stay beautiful forever with minimal effort.

  • Return Policy

    To ensure safety and sanitation for all our clients and staff, body jewelry is not returnable. If you're not sure of your size, contact us or schedule a video chat and we will help you make the best choice!

  • Caring for your jewelry

    Your implant grade titanium body jewelry should be cleaned as needed with gentle soap and warm water. A jewelry ultrasonic may also be used to remove stubborn debris. Do not use any abrasive products or objects to clean your jewelry- you may damage the wearing surface or your stones.

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